Lecture: Multi-beam Base Station Antennas for Wireless Communications

Title: Multi-beam Base Station Antennas for Wireless Communications

Lecturer:Dr. Lin-Ping Shen 
Dr. Shen has over 20 years of R&D and product development experience in various microwave systems including amplifiers, multiplexers, and antennas. He ever worked at many companies, such as Apollo Photonics Inc., Apollo Inc., TenXc Wireless Inc., and Ultra Electronic – TCS. Now, He is a senior antenna engineer, team leader at Communication Components Antenna Inc (CCAI), Ottawa, Canada.

Place:Meeting Room, 5th Floor, SEIEE Building #1, SJTU
Date:    3rd Sept, 2012, Monday
Time:   10:00am
Organiser:Professor Ronghong Jin


In current commercial markets, most of base station antennas are the single beam linear antenna arrays. In this presentation, we first discuss some capacity and coverage issues related to those "normal" single beam antennas. Then several possible solutions such as bi-sector array and tri-sector array are introduced and detailed array architectures of planar antenna arrays are described. Based on multi-beam antenna requirements, some unique relationships between the antenna structures and key parameters such as gain, azimuth side-lobe level, and cross-over point are identified and the basic design procedures for different applications such as fixed electrical tilted (FET) and  variable electrical tilted (VET) are presented. As one of key components, some basic antenna elements for the planar base station antennas are analyzed carefully. Finally, some advanced technologies for future high performance and low cost planar antenna arrays are discussed. 

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