Prof. Xianling Liang

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Xian-Ling Liang was born in Taizhou, in Zhejiang Province,in Sep.1978. In 2002, he obtained his bachelor's degree of Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology in Xidian University. Then in Feb.2007, he graduated from Shanghai University and gained Engineering Doctor Degree. During Feb.2007 and Sep. 2007, he worked in Amphenol, Shanghai. And he engaged in the postdoctoral research during the next year in INRSEMT. In Dec.2008, joining Shanghai Jiao Tong University, he works as an instructor in Department of Electronics, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

So far he has committed on many fund projects at home and abroad, publishing more than 70 academic papers in important publications and meetings. Also he got authorized 4 Chinese invention patent and 7 public patent items. Respectively in 2008 and in 2009, he won awards of Shanghai excellent PhD thesis and the national outstanding doctor nomination papers.

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